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BGPL USA is the proud representant in the USA of historic French winehouses that embody centuries of winemaking passion and a strong heritage, combining tradition and innovation. 

Barton & Guestier, Patriarche and Listel share the common value to offer high quality and casual French wines to create unique moments of conviviality. Our wineries represent the rich diversity that French wines can offer to please all palates, from the wine beginner to the connoisseurs.


“We have the mission to be the best Ambassadors of our collection of fine French wines, across France and around the world. From vine to wine, from vinification to tasting, we make a point of honour of conveying our savoir-faire, from one country to another, from one culture to another.”
BGPL USA invites every wine lover to experience the great wines of France and to learn more about them.



As importer and marketer of its parent companies and iconic French wineries BGPL USA offers a comprehensive portfolio of French wines for the US market.

Each winehouse strongly believe in the importance of sustaining and improving the earth for the present and future generations. For preserving this rich heritage, we are committed to sustainable practices, steps that involved considerations about land, energy, carbon and water footprint. Our employees and wine grower partners are the ambassadors of these values, we look after their safety, security, and well-being. Coming from multiples backgrounds; their diversity is our strength that we transmit in our commitments.  

As representant of century old wineries, BGPL USA is responsible to take care of the planet to perpetuate the beauty of our biodiversity.

Barton & Guestier

The oldest wine house in Bordeaux with 300 years of history. Distributed in over 130 countries, B&G was the first imported French wine brand in the US and was recommended by Thomas Jefferson himself.


Prestigious Burgundy wine house founded in 1780 and sparkling wine (non-champagne) pioneer since the '50s. Today, Patriarche is a key player and leader globally, especially with the brand Veuve du Vernay, #1 French Sparkling in the US. 


The emblematic French rose brand, and #1 selling rose in France. An incomparable brand with a century-old history, the vines grow in a unique environment surrounded by the sea and populated by exceptional biodiversity.


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