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From a unique vineyard populated by an exceptional biodiversity, Listel wine is incomparable. It is the most popular rose brand in France.

Listel’s history is unique.

In the 19th century, “Les Salins du Midi”, a salt producing company and owner of vast sandy areas throughout Camargue and Sète, sought to extend the use of their lands beyond salt production.

After multiple trials, growing vines in the sand and salt turned out to be a magical combination! The first vines were planted in the parcel called “Isles de Stel”, giving birth to the name of Listel. The biological diversity of the Listel’s environment is exceptional: more than 1000 species of flora and fauna are listed, which has been recognized by Natura 2000.

“Listel has a strength thanks to its technical equipment and very modern cellars. It is a winery that has the capacity and knowledge to preserve a very fresh juice.”



Véronique Florentin

The Listel vineyard is situated along the Mediterranean coast in the south of France. This area is best known for its Vins Gris (grey wines). There is a diverse variety of protected plant and animal species… The biological diversity of the environment is exceptional.

It is the nature of the soil, the choice of grape varieties but also the unique vinification methods of its Cellar Masters that give the color, the aromas and the freshness so particular to the Listel range. 

The Vineyards of


A house of more than a century-old history which offers an exceptional biodiversity that you can taste in our Rosé. 

Listel Grain de Gris

France’s favorite grey wine.

Listel PET NAT

A sparkling rose, a refreshing version of the natural method.


Selected Wines

Listel Grain de Gris
Listel Grain de Gris
Listel PET NAT



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