Listel Pet Nat was featured in the September/October issue of Tasting Panel Magazine. Editor David Ransom included a review of PET NAT in the column 'The Ranson Note'. Find below our mentions. 


How was your summer-hot enough for ya? […] For the hot day, I found Listel Pet Nat ($18). I’m not normally a fan of currently trendy pet nat (shortly for “petillant naturel” which translates from the French as “naturally sparkling”), as in my opinion citrus on the palate. It also hits all the right notes for the health-conscious consumer, with no added sugars (thought it does offer a slight sweetness that I quite liked) or sulfites. At 9.5% ABV, it’s light enough to justify opening that second bottle while lunching with friends. […] However, this follow-up to the wildly successful Listel Rose – France’s number one selling rose wine, with global sales of 2.5 million cases annually-made me take a second look, or rather sip. […]


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