9 Wines for Christmas and New Year’s

Do you need a reliable and impressive bottle to gift someone special? Or are you looking for a festive wine to pop at Christmas and New Year’s? Check out these 9 Wines for Christmas and New Year’s 2022. As usual, my focus this year was availability, price over quality, and pairing versatility.




This is the first time I am adding a Bordeaux Red to my Holiday lists. So why did I do it so? As a young wine professional and millennial, sometimes I feel Bordeaux is out of reach. However, this Barton & Guestier and French artist Woo collaboration resulted in an attractive label and felt like an approachable Bordeaux. (Because we pay attention to wine labels, people!) This joint effort was born from two shared passions — Wine and art — and the desire to embrace the French Art of Living which is an excellent mood for the Holidays!

B&G Bordeaux Red Limited-Edition Woo 2020

B&G Bordeaux Red Limited-Edition Woo 2020 is a typical Bordeaux Red blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc is produced principally in the Entre Deux Mers and the right bank of the Gironde estuary.

B&G Limited Edition Bordeaux Red is a rich 2020 vintage with brilliant ruby-red color. With aromas of red and black berries combined with spicy and toasty notes. Red and black fruit are also present on the palate, with velvety and round tannins, smooth and pronounced texture, and a long and spicy finish. Enjoy best if decanted for 30 minutes and paired with meat-based dishes for a fancy dinner on Christmas (for instance is excellent with Filet Mignon) or a chill New Year’s eve before going out and before the ball drops with a cheeseburger or pizza.



Veuve du Vernay Brut Classique Limited Edition

You can add Ice to this Sparkling Wine! Yes! I have tried it and enjoyed it. But if you feel I am crazy about adding Ice to the wine, try it or not and keep it classic. Either or, try Veuve du Vernay with this Brut Classique Limited Edition. I love their avant-garde spirit showcased on this label and presentation in black and gold that Screams Holidays!! My Friend Ryan said it best: The French do it best. Veuve du Vernay Brut Classique Limited Edition is a Blanc de Blancs made with premium quality grapes on the medium-dry side, with notes of pear, citrus, and balanced acidity but with balance and smooth and persistent bubbles. For the price, this can be the wine that you toast for 2023, and you get more than one bottle!




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