HOMBRE Gift Guide: SPIRITS Of The Season





Veuve du Vernay Ice
Premium sparkling wine to enjoy on any occasion and special moments. Great to use for cocktail recipes or enjoy directly over ice. 
SRP: $15.99


B&G Bordeaux Red Limited-Edition Woo 2020
This wine is B&G’s latest launch, an exciting collaboration with French artist Woo Ghost. The label features the artist’s signature style as an ode to Germain Rambaud, the first cellar master at Barton & Guestier dating back to the 18th century.
SRP: $15.00


Listel PET NAT
This wine a refreshing rosé blend of Semillon and Carignan from Southern France, offering a Better for You selection for consumers during the holidays with a low alcohol volume of 9.5% and no addition of sugar, sulfite or conservatives.

SRP: $17.99


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