Listel Rosé presents Peace Love Yoga: A Soulful Yoga Experience

Listel Rose had the pleasure of being the alcohol sponsor at the "Peace Love Yoga: A Soulful Yoga Experience" event hosted by Arlene Chaplin featuring Dawn B and organized by the SOBEWFF.

The event took place on Sunday, February 26th, at Nikki Beach in Miami, and it was a huge success. Listel Pet Nat and Listel Grain de Gris were served, and attendees had the option to enjoy them as a cocktail with a variety of garnished fruits like strawberry, raspberry, and jalapeños. The frozen fruit ice cubes made for a unique twist on the classic cocktail experience, and attendees loved it.

The combination of yoga and wine made for an enjoyable and relaxing morning, and Listel Rose was thrilled to have sponsored such a wonderful event. With the positive feedback from attendees, it is clear that Listel Rose's presence was a hit and added to the overall success of the event.


Discover pictures of the event below.