5 Really Interesting Wines to pair with Thanksgiving Day dinner

This Thanksgiving Day, add some flair to the holiday wine list with these 5 suggestions for arriving guests and at the table:

#1 – PETNAT Listel Rosé, South of France

As family and friends arrive for dinner, pour a wine glass (not a flute!) of Listel low-alcohol Pétillant Naturel rosé -- chilled. This is a wine referred to as “hipster bubbles” and is void of added sugars or secondary yeasts, so it’s really a cool move to serve this to your guests and start a fun conversation.

You can explain to your guests that this Méthode Ancestrale was used long before the Méthode Champenoise was established. The main factor of Pet Nat is to produce wine bottled before primary fermentation is finished, without the addition of secondary yeasts or sugars.

The Listel rosé version is perfection in a Pet Nat, made with Semillon and Carignan grapes that lend to notes of slight citrus and red berries and a balanced palate to begin enjoyable conversation and dinner. $13.99 at Total Wine & More.

Charlene Peters is a wine writer living in the Boston area. Email siptripper@gmail.com


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