6 Wine Industry Trends to Watch in 2023


In the coming year, the wine world will respond to climate change and generational shifts


The craze in bubbles hasn’t abated, but the planet and the wine-drinking public are changing, and the industry is responding. Photo credit: iStock and Maxim Fesenko.

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4. No- and Low-Alcohol Wines Elbow onto the Shelves

The days of ever-boozier bottles are over. “An increasing number of wine consumers are concentrating on their health and wellness. No- and low-alcohol (NOLO) wines represent a healthier alternative to this demographic,” says Carlos Varela, the CEO of BGPL USA, which has added zero- and low-alcohol French wines like Veuve du Vernay Zero and Listel Pet Nat to its portfolio. “We’re paying attention to the LDA [legal drinking age] Gen-Z consumer and younger millennials, who we see moderating their alcohol intake.”

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Seven Fifty Daily, written by Betsy Andrews.

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