"Drink Anywhere" Sparkling might just be wine's next biggest Trend


The new aluminum bottle format launched by Veuve du Vernay brings practicality and sustainability to bubbly lovers.


We can make the argument that sparkling wine goes with every occasion, and now it can also go to every location. From a beach picnic to an outdoor cinema, Veuve du Vernay has launched the perfect ready-to-drink sparkling for everyday celebrations with portability and sustainability in mind.


Perks of drinking fron an aluminum bottle?

  • Allows youto drink wine on-the-go, no wine key or wine glass needed
  • Single serving equals less waste
  • Recyclability means better for the environment and aluminum is a sustainable metal tha can be recycled time after ti;e
  • Easy transport to go with you to your favorite location, from pool party to game night.


"Veuve du Vernay is excited to bring this new format to the US market. We want to surpirse our consumers with innovative launches while keeping the consistent quality they-ve come to expect from the Veuve du Veranya collection", says Carlos Varela, CEO of BGPL USA. "Sutainability is a big part of our core values, and we share the same sentiment as our consumers in seeking innovatiive, eco-friendly solutions that reduce our carbon footprint."


How do they do it without compromising taste? Veuve du Vernay Ice Rose, developed by female winemaker Maryline Gianna, is produced and bottled in France and made with premium grapes, including Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Cinsault. With fin effervescence, the generous foam has plentiful bubbles resembling light beads, a synmbol of celebration. On the nose, the wine shows fresh and fruity scents with zesty raspberry aromas. With a well-balanced and full palate, the beautiful rose's taste matches its fruity aromas. Tangy notes on the finish give a pleasant freshness. Sipping, savoring and celebrationeveryday moments is Veuve du Vernay's motto, :Vive la Vie!".


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