Turn to Eco-Friendly Packaging


Ditch the single-use plastic! This packaging is crafted from sustainable and renewable material like paper, cardboard and materials that can be recycled or composted. This results in less waste in landfills and oceans and often requires less energy and resources to produce so businesses can reducce their environmental impact. And you can support businesses that follow sustainable practices. 



Debuting at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, the aluminum 250ml format of Veuve du Vernay Ice Rose is now available at select retailers in South Florida, meeting the demand for sustainability in the wine industry. "Research shows that recycling 1T of aluminum allows for 96% energy saving compared to glass, which allows for only 26.5% of energy savings," says Carlos Varela of BGPL USA.  The bottles cool down faster, stay cooler longer and don't break, especially useful poolside and at the beach. Available at select retailers in South Florida.

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